Laser skin treatment
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Laser skin treatment

Tous les traitements laser de la peau sont réalisés aux Lasers Saint-Germain (Icon et Elite +) et aux Lasers Trocadéro (Elite +)

Icon Gmax™ Laser

Technology Icon (laboratory Cynosure) is the new standard in vascular and non-ablative fractional. It is a customized platform, offering a wide range of handpiece, to meet all your needs. The Icon, a platform for multiple applications provides fast treatments with excellent results.

Pigmentary spots

The laser helps by targeting melanin eliminate or fade uneven pigmentation or brown spots related to sun exposure or aging. Treating brown spots related to repeated sun exposure and senile lentigo (due to aging). The areas mainly concern the face, hands and décolleté.

Vascular lesions

Redness more or less diffuse facial initially favored by heat, emotions, cold, alcohol, hot weather may give way to permanent dilation of facial blood vessels located in the cheeks, nose (rosacea).

Rosacea treatment & varicosity

Rosacea (rosacea) causes chronic redness of the face: the nose, cheeks and sometimes the forehead and chin. Small blood vessels (veins) are visible on the surface of the skin, giving it this red appearance.