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Icon Gmax™ Laser

The Icon Cynosure laser will smooth the skin and stimulate its elasticity

This is a major innovation in the treatment the effects of aging on your skin . It acts on the sagging skin, has a lifting and smoothing effect. The complexion is more radiant and skin replumped. It gives a strong stimulating effect on collagen synthesis and has a preventive effect on aging. It also removes through the handpiece Gmax rosacea and spider veins.

Due to its exclusive characteristics, the Icon platform offers efficiency and safety

The Icon offers a high peak power, a cooling system at the cutting edge of technology, an integrated calibration system, and Skintel® - the only melanin reader FDA approved - allowing fast treatments with excellent results.

One platform, multiple applications

  • Vascular lesions (rosacea, erythrose, etc ...)
  • Spider Veins in the lower limbs
  • Photorejuvenation
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Stretch Marks
  • Fine lines, wrinkles
  • Surgical Scars and Acne Scars

The system includes the patented innovations:

  • The melanin reader Skintel: This unit of measurement of the melanin instantly sends the Icon platform, via Bluetooth, the data measured on the skin and helps to define the most safe and effective parameters for each treatment.
  • Power: Delivering more than 350 J of energy effective1, The Icon is the most powerful laser, combined with proprietary technology OPL (Optic Pulsed Light)
  • Advanced Contact CoolingTM: constant powerful cooling system to 5 ° C for increased safety and better patient comfort.
  • Non-ablative Microlenses XFTM and XDTM: The microlens XF, with its superficial thermal effect, provides quick results in skin texture, skin tone and fine lines. The microlens XD, due to its deeper penetration, is recommended on indications of scars, stretch marks and deep wrinkles.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • External calibration
  • AccuSpectrumTM: Two filters for a more accurate absorption by vascular and pigmented target, better protection of the surrounding tissues and greater patient comfort.
  • RecyclingTM Photon Technology: This technology minimizes energy loss by reflection and allows increased efficiency at the lowest fluence treatment for greater security and improved patient comfort.
  • Smooth PulseTM: Issuing more homogeneous and consistent energy avoiding hot spots for safer treatment.

Handpiece MaxG ™

The handpiece MaxG is the new benchmark in the treatment of vascular lesions.

The MaxG can treat with great efficiency the facial veins through two stacked filters allowing a more accurate absorption by vascular energy targets consistently delivered.

Rates : The price is 80 € to 220 € TTC /session for the face (depending on the area being treated).

Why facial rejuvenation by laser Icon?

Because repeated sun exposure or smoking, oxidative stress phenomena and.aging of the skin occur.

This results in the appearance of pigmentation blemishes, a slackening of the cutaneous tissue with the appearance of fine lines which may be treated by the ICON ™ laser (Cynosure®). Facial rejuvenation by this type of laser erases blemishes from your face. 

The protocol for facial rejuvenation session laser Icon

The doctor for your first appointment which is free, will assess aging damage of your face.

He will give you a quote indicating the price of the session with

What protocol is recommended for facial rejuvenation laser Icon?

  • 3-4 sessions each 3-4 weeks
  • Avoid sun 3 weeks before and after

What are the consequences after a facial rejuvenation laser session?

The feeling during the session combines a feeling of warmth and tingling. This session of photorejuvenation is followed by skin redness that may be hidden under makeup (lasts 2 or 3 days)

A repair cream has to be fapplied five days after the session.

The rates

Rates of a laser Icon rejuvenating session :  € 80 (eye turn) to € 220 full face - 3-4 sessions spaced