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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal understanding

The medical laser hair removal has become the preferred hair removal method because it is ultimately safe (provided it is practiced by doctors) and now a reasonable cost.

The laser is a source of coherent monochromatic light outputting a wavelength determined for each type of laser.

For selecting a hair removal laser whose light corresponds to a wavelength selectively absorbed by melanin (brown pigment that colors hair and hair) and causes thermal destruction of the hair follicle.

The evolution of the hair takes place in 3 phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. The three phases of the hair cycle coexist on the same skin area.

  • The anagen phase , growth phase lasts between one and three months.
  • The catagen phase is a short phase of regression.
  • The telogen phase , resting phase lasts from several months to several years before ending in the fall of the hair.

The laser effectively acts on the hairs in the growth phase, so only about 20% of the hairs of the treated area will be permanently destroyed. To treat all hairs, so it will take several sessions. The interval between sessions is for first meetings between 4 and 8 weeks.

Operation of laser hair removal: video

Laser technology

Laser hair removal is never 100% complete. The laser only works on hair in the growth phase (anagen phase). We must therefore wait for all hair goes through this phase to destroy through laser. Usually an average of 5-8 sessions is necessary for the laser hair removal is complete

Skin types & Fitzpatrick phototyping

Classification Fitzpatrick: The different types of skin color for laser hair removal. This skin type classifies people according to the reaction of their skin during sun exposure, there are 6 types of skin


Frequently asked questions about laser hairr removal Is laser hair removal painful? Painful sensation varies from one individual to another. During the quotation session, during the test, if you experience a painful sensation, the doctor will prescribe an anesthetic cream to be applied two hours[..]

Women price list

Price of a woman waxing session - Laser hair removal woman. The first session, at which it is established a quote is free.

Men price list

Price hair removal men session - Laser hair removal men. The first session, at which it is established a quote is free.