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Frequently asked questions about laser hairr removal

Is laser hair removal painful?

Painful sensation varies from one individual to another. During the quotation session, during the test, if you experience a painful sensation, the doctor will prescribe an anesthetic cream to be applied two hours before waxing session. This harmless cream makes painless session.

Lasers to ... lasers are equipped with an anesthesia system very efficient cold, there are more simple systems that we use for the benefit of patients.

Everyone there can benefit from laser hair removal?

The hair must be pigmented. White or very slightly pigmented hairs are not sensitive to laser light. The ideal is a dark coat with a clear skin. Very Asian brown or black skins require specific laser Yag laser.

Who is allowed to perform laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that must be performed exclusively by doctors. For "lasers Trocadero" laser hair removal is performed exclusively by doctors.

Can we compare the rates?

The cost of treatment varies greatly from one center to another. Lasers are very expensive instruments. For "lasers Trocadero" we ensure you very competitive prices but also the most efficient and latest lasers. All procedures are performed by physicians.

Laser hair removal is it definitive?

Laser hair removal has proven its effectiveness for many years. This is a permanent hair removal of hair treated but can not destroy 100% of the hair.

The laser generally allows a permanent hair removal from 80% to 95% of terminal hairs in the treated area.

For a coat or permanently destroyed, he must be treated in the first stage of its growth (anagen). This is why several sessions are needed because all the hairs are not at the same time at the same stage of their growth.

What cons-indications for laser hair removal?

  • Pregnancy
  • Taking isotretinoin (Accutane) for less than 3 months
  • Tan (with the alexandrite laser) must wait one month after sun exposure and expose only 10 days after the session to the treated area by putting a cream protectionist antibiotics for skin and urinary infections may photosensitize.

Why laser treatment is it against-indicated during pregnancy?

The use of lasers does not attend priori danger for the mother and fetus. However, we prefer to abstain by the precautionary principle.

Can lasers perform acts in summer?

We recommend extreme caution in the summer for laser treatment of pigmented lesions and to a lesser extent for laser hair removal. Sun protection continues repeated, must be systematic after a laser instrument.

Laser hair removal is strictly against-indicated on tanned skin (risk of burns) because it targets the melanin pigment present in the hair, but also in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. We must therefore wait for débronzé to resume the sessions.

NdYag The laser can be used on tanned skin.

For vascular treatments and skin aging, fear of direct interaction with the melanin is lower.

Is laser dangerous moles?

There is no danger of exposing a nevus in laser hair removal. However, in order not to change their appearance and facilitate monitoring if required, it is generally preferred protecting them or avoid them. These are UV that are harmful to the skin. Depilatory lasers have a wavelength which is within the infra red or red rays. So there is no danger.

What about the humans laser hair removal?

Depilatory application in humans develops. The applications mainly concern the neck, shoulders, back, chest ...). It usually takes more sessions than in women and some areas such as the shoulders are at risk of stimulation in young men.

Laser hair removal is the treatment of choice pseudo-folliculitis of the beard, which are a common problem.

Which devices the firm?

The devices in the cabinet "Lasers Trocadero" were chosen to meet the latest technological advances and guarantee maximum effectiveness and safety for patients.

The Alexandrite laser is the reference laser to remove hair fair skin not tanned.

Nd Yag laser-tweezers allows the dark or black skins. It is also used for the treatment of telangiectasia.